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Sikh Gurudwaras

The “Gateway to the Guru” as it is called, the Sikh Gurudwaras are the house of the Holy scripture Guru Granth Sahib Ji – symbolising spiritual learning & independence for the devotees, where one can rejuvenate the mind, body & soul by meditating, offering prayers to the Akal Purakh, Waheguruji, running the whole Universe & worldly processes, where any being regardless of religion, faith, caste or creed can enter & seek blessings.

ne can call them the house of worship for the Sikhs, where people of any & all religions gather, pray to the Almighty & seek solace of their being, either on a personal level or in forms of community gatherings or congregations like the ‘Sangat’ as it is called. The Gurudwaras do not have priests, but simply he custodians of the Granthi, where any Sikh is free to read it.

Meanwhile, as of the public domain the Gurudwaras carry out several functions, the most significant ones of them being:

The most significant Gurudwara amongst the hundreds spread worldwide is the Harmandar Sahib a.k.a. the Golden Temple at Amritsar, Punjab, the main Takht among the PanjTakhts or seats of religious authority holding great importance for the Sikh community. The Darbar Sahib (The royal court of the Divine) of the Golden temple is considered to be the epicenter of the Sikh religious authority, a living symbol of the spiritual & historical traditions of the Sikhs yielding significant religious, social & political decisions as required.

The Gurudwara essentially extends community service & social welfare to the people, especially the Sikhs by ways of schools & education, libraries with Sikh literature & many forms of charitable work.

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